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Our team installs multiple types of green roof systems. Based on the size of each project, material and

design selected for the green roof, the installation process can range from two days up to two months for completion. Listed below are the different green roof systems that we install.

Intensive: More commonly known as a Complete Built-Up System, These types of green roof systems allow for more creative freedom when designing green roofs.  These systems consist of multiple layers that are designed to sustain vegetation and support growth.

Extensive: These types of green roof systems are preferred options for buildings that are not designed to bear a high load capacity on their roofs, and are less costly. We use plants that are able to thrive in different climates, such as moss, succulents, herbs, and grasses.


Modular:  These types of green roof systems are a non-traditional method of installation. The green roof designs are modified to accommodate the vegetation that is pre-grown and come in trays that are placed on the roof. They need less maintenance and can accommodate multiple types of sedum.

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