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Energy efficiency

Green roofs help to reduce energy consumption by 40% for heating in winter and by 100% for cooling in summer. The performance depends on several aspects including climate conditions, type of construction.


Rainwater retention.

A major advantage of green roofs is the reduction stormwater runoff, which leads to a decrease 
of the burden on sewer systems by 50-90% .


Cleaner air

The plants on green roofs can also capture airborne particles such as smog, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds from the local 
atmosphere which has a positive effect on air quality and health of inhabitants. Reduce carbon  dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen.   

Increase life of your roof 

Green roofs offer this opportunity and have proved to double or even triple the life expectancy of your rooftop. The barrier of greenery helps protect the waterproof membrane underneath and ensure your rooftop’s life expectancy lasts well for decades.

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